The White Lotus: Mike White is Already Contemplating on the Location and Cast For Season 3

The Location and Cast for The White Lotus being decided

 HBO Max’s Drama Series ” The White Lotus”, Directed, Created and Written by Mike White, on 12 September, White won Three Emmy Awards for outstanding limited or Anthology series, “White Lotus”, at 74th Emmy Awards on 12 September.

Mike White
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In a Statement Mr. White said, as we just finished our last episode to the network yesterday, so it’s tough to think about race but if we have to shoot our next season, I think it would be fun to go in a different continent. Maybe Asia, something crazy like that, that would be so fun”.

The White Lotus

“The White Lotus” is an HBO’s original series which is created written and directed by Mike White, a comedy-drama anthology TV series which follows a fictional The White Lotus resort, where the stay of employees and Guests becomes affected by various dysfunctions.

The White Lotus
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First season was set in Hawaii and second in Sicily starring Jennifer Coolidge, Sydney Sweeny and Alexandra Daddario. The show is TV-MA rated because it shows Nudity, Violence, Gore, alcohol and Drugs use, which is inappropriate to watch for the Teens and the people who do not prefer to watch such content.

Cast and Location for Season Three of “The White Lotus” 

The first season of The White Lotus was Green lit for becoming Critical for the audience, in the second season White changed the cast, a group of different people who came to Italy for Vacations and Book Italian White Lotus resort.

The White Lotus
credit: @thewhitehouse Instagram

Mike white gave a hint about shooting the next season in Asia, He wanted to recast his friend Jennifer Coolidge, as everybody liked in the first season “I was like I can’t go to Italy without Jennifer,’ and maybe that’s still the case. Like maybe you can’t go to Japan without Jennifer either. There are many fun actors we’ve worked with so far, so it’s just kind of like who’s available”.