The White Lotus: HBO Max Releases Season 2 Trailer Giving Exciting Insight to the Journey Ahead

The White Lotus Season 2 trailer Gives Insight to New Starcast

What an unpredictable journey it has been for The White Lotus fans. This week would be the happiest for them as the Season 2 trailer of White Lotus is here. Isn’t it huge!

The White Lotus
Credit:- HBO Max


The series is all about a group of people on a vacation in Hawaii. The show has also made to Emmy awards last year. There was a surprise trailer by HBO of its hit series White Lotus. White Lotus has proved to be a blockbuster and is an award winning show. The cast of White Lotus has mostly changed in this season.

On 6th of October 2022, HBO released the first official trailer of second season of White Lotus. The trailer of season 2 clearly pictures new cast. The director Mike White has surprised people with the brand new cast. The season 1 of White Lotus was totally directed and written by Mike White. Season 1 consisted of 6 episodes.

The Changes in Season 2 of The White Lotus

There are many changes in the Season 2 cast, but the role of Jennifer Coolidge playing as Tanya McQuoid remains the same. In the upcoming season, David Bernard and Nick Hall have also joined as executive producers of White Lotus. Along with this, there is a greater surprise by the cast itself as the comedian and actress Aubrey Plaza is joining the show.

The White Lotus
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The season 2 trailer shows that two couples are vacationing together at the same time time. The first couple is stay-at-home mom Daphne and a very rich businessman called Cameron. The second couple being Ethan and his wife Harper. Along with this,  the story has a twist of a Hollywood producer is going to visit their place to search about ancestral roots.

When will the show get officially released?

The season 2 will officially get released on October 30, 2022 at 9 p.m. on HBO and will be streamed on HBO Max. There will be 7 episodes in the season 2 of White Lotus.

The White Lotus fans cant keep calm!