The white horse is looking graceful while forest fairy Kendall Jenner kneeling and riding it!! But why the backlash??

Celebrities over Instagram are often seen pushing limits to attract more followers and fetch more likes.

This trend is very common among the high profile family of Kardashians.

The ladies always adapt the ideas which are out of the box for likes or their promotion of products.

On such regular events happened on Halloween, where sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner dressed as forest fairies for the party.


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forest fairy and friends

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But before stepping to the party, our supermodel went for some photoshoots with her horses.

The pics, though, intended to make the look sound more like a fairytale, but the post over Instagram and Twitter has received mixed reviews from the people.

One of her followers has commented that Kendal got a drop in the number of followers after posting her pic where she is kneeling on the back of a horse.


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forest fairy

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While some came to get, defense saying that she often rides them and would be aware of what to do or not.

Others commented that the horse could lift to 1/3 of its weight! So Kendal might not be this heavy to ache his back with her weight.