The Wave of Pandemic is Affecting the Release of “The Rookie Boss” Season 3 as well. Check Out the Details About Release

At the end of the second season of “The Rookie Boss,” we saw LAPD Officer John Nolan found himself at the wrong end of manhunt. John also tried to prove the innocence of Detective Nick Armstrong, who was indeed doing the bidding of crime boss Serj. Meanwhile, the serial killer Rosalind Dyer’s adversary’s home was also used for evidence. Rosalind revealed that her long-time adversary has a secret compartment in his laundry room in which John can find evidence. However, John’s search got interrupted by Armstrong coming home.

Also, when Armstrong called Nolan to hash thing out from mano, gunfire was exchanged. This was rather dramatic for the viewers as well, and after all this drama, Armstrong finally accepted that he’d try to frame Nolan as the dirty cop.

Panicked by the scenario, Nolan rushed home, trying to find the evidence and bribe cash from Armstrong. But he was not able to make things in time and therefore sirens, and the cops came to his house to arrest him.

Now the question remains, “What will happen into the next season?” or “Will there be any season 3 or not?”  

Since season 2 rather ended on a very dramatic note therefore YES! There will be a season 3. This is indeed confirmed by ABC. According to TVLINE, season 3 can have a much more interesting and intense plot. In season 2, we saw Jackson’s friend was killed, and that too had a huge impact. Lucy is at the beginning of a new relationship and still trying to figure out the rest of the things like what exactly happened to her Caleb. Meanwhile, according to the creators of the show, they will try to balance the intensity and the comedy of the show. In the next season, the audience will see many unexpected twists.