The Walking Dead Spin-off, “Tales of Walking Dead” is Officially in Progress!

‘Tales of Walking Dead’ is in the works

Tales of The Walking Dead, the spin-off series is ready to make a debut this summer. Last year in October, the AMC indicated expanding the super famous series. Moreover, the new series would revolve around the central characters of the Walking Dead series. Now it is speculated that the spin-off would be out in summer this year!

The Walking dead
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Cast for the new Series

AMC has revealed the cast for the Tales of the Walking Dead recently. Parker Posey from Lost in Space, Anthony Edwards from We Crashed, Jillian Bell from Rough Night will play some major roles. Furthermore, Poppy Liu and Terry Crews will also be a part of the series.

The executive producer of the show will be Scott M.Gimple, alongside Channel Powel who is the writer-producer for Fear of the Walking Dead. Additionally, the series producer Michael Satrazemis will be accompanied by Haifaa al-Mansour, Tara Nicole Weyr, and Deborah Kampmeier to direct one episode.

What makes the series stand out

The Walking Dead is a huge name in the series world. The well-established series depicts the struggle of people amidst a zombie apocalypse. Moreover, it is about finding safety and trust in a world where people are walking dead.

According to a statement by Powell on Deadline, the producer’s excitement about the new series was evident. He said that they have worked hard to create unique characters and were glad to have great actors play those roles. The makers can’t wait for us to see the depth, thrill, and terror on-screen, and neither can we!

The Walking dead
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Expectations from the new Cast

The Tales of Walking Dead, a spin-off is a very much-awaited thriller. All the eyes are now set on the new caste members. Moreover, according to Gimple, they are the new set of the generation that will expand the series into a magnificent thrilling experience.

Furthermore, the episodes of the Tales of the Walking Dead will be hour-long and will be premiered on AMC and AMC+. We just have to look out for the progress of our favourite series now!