“The Walking Dead” season 11 has a surprise and show runner Kang has named it the “return of Maggie”

With one of the major characters returning back to the series, The Walking Dead is going for a renewal for the 11th season.

Ahead of the premiere of the 10th season of “The Walking Dead,” the AMC has officially announced that the series is going to return for its 11th season. The showrunner of “The Walking Dead” has announced at the New York Comic Con that the AMC is taking the series for another renewal.

To top off these amazing announcements, it was reportedly confirmed that Lauren Cohan is going to return to the show as Maggie in the 11th season. There are going to be no changes in her role, and it is going to be the same.
Lauren Cohan’s character Maggie has not appeared in the show ever since the 9th season since she has decided against enacting her revenge on Negan for killing Glenn.

"The Walking Dead" season 11 has a surprise and show runner Kang has named it the "return of Maggie" 1
Image: News Breaker

Lauren Cohan at the New York Comic-con said that she felt it was completely surreal and that she feels home as she gets back to shooting.

It was only now that the return of Lauren Cohan was confirmed officially, but the remaining cast has already left hints to let the figure out her return to the show.

Kang was one of the crew members who have previously left a hint that Maggie would return to the series way back in July. Kang said that she was not really sure about Maggie, but they are working on her return.

Now that Maggie has come back, fans are speculating that they will not see a character, Michonne, in season 11.

The executive producer of “The Walking Dead” said that to send a character off the show, they tend to take a lot of time discussing and that it was never an easy job for the showrunner or the writers to write a character off the show.