The Wait is Over as ‘No Game No Life’ is Returning Very Soon! Read More to Know More

‘No Game No Life’ is originally light novel series, well, the novel soon got working and got published as manga, and soon as an Anime by Madhouse. Well, if you are a gamer you would definitely love the show. The show has aired in 2014, yes +way back but still a good option. The series is available on various platforms including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

What the Anime is all about?

The plot of series involves Sora and his younger sister Shiro, the two gamers who make up the identity of an undefeated group of gamers and are challenged in by, Gods of games to chase and be victorious. Well, things get serious when some real-time dashboard involves, a reality that revolves around the game. The undefeated duo takes the challenge and fights back to conquer the sixteen ruling species from the gods.

When will the show arrive on screens?

The show was released in 2014, so it’s been 5 or 6 years and there is no news about the sequel. This makes us think that probably the project is off-board, and why didn’t any production house have a keen interest in renewing the show. But we will soon have the next season in 2021, no confirm dates are pinned but the project is on a floor that’s for sure.

What does future holds?

Talking about the future of the series, it covered 5 out of 10 original volumes of the light novel. So the plot of the upcoming series won’t be such a big problem as we would love to see the rest of the 5 parts on the screen. Madhouse is a big enterprise so the animation won’t be an issue to worry about. And besides this one is really beneficial show to run so the hopes are still high.