The Super Bowl Trailer for Black Widow is like watching a scene from the comics unraveling in front of you! Check it out!

Marvel Studios has caught the entire world’s attention during the running of the Super Bowl. The all-new Black Widow trailer has left the Marvel fans with a lot of questions.

Well, one of the artists responsible for making the new Black Widow’s adventures wrote on page commented on the trailer. Matt Wilson is the artist that handled Chris Samna’s art for the character. He pointed out some of the screenshots that were almost a direct allusion to pages that he had worked on.

The only they had is the 12-issue run on the character, but obviously it caught somebody’s attention over in the Marvel Studios brain trust. It is quite staggering how well it fits together when it is brought out in this fashion.

Kevin Feige told IGN about how the studio was feeling poised to handle the character of Black Widow during the CCXP Expo. Realizing the fact that there were pockets of time that had proved to be unaccounted for was a huge part of shaping this story.

“It was about four years ago as we were working on Infinity War and Endgame at the same time, we knew that we wanted to bring her story to a conclusion in the most heroic way possible in Endgame, but also that they wanted to explore a part they had not seen before,” Feige mentioned to a source.

“It occurred to us that we had seen her adventures in the Avengers movies, but a lot of stuff happened in between those movies that we never saw, we didn’t hear about, we didn’t learn about. And that, we wanted to do a movie with Scarlett Johnson because she is Natasha Romanoff and not do a story with a younger Black Widow for the whole film.”