The Super Bowl LIV 2020 is coming soon and will Pitbull make it to the show? Read along to know the answer.

Its a new year, a new decade and its time for another Super Bowl!! The Super Bowl is the most widely watched televised sports event in the USA every year. In addition to intense football, its the flamboyant commercials and the magical and breathtaking Pepsi Halftime Show spearheaded by Global Superstars. The Super Bowl is a tradition for families across the U.S and it is seen as a grand reunion where families and friends come together and enjoy the sport along with food, drinks and lively conversations.

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Other than the outstanding level of professional football, the Super Bowl draws people for the Half Time performances performed every single year. This time, in 2020, JLo and Shakira are gonna set the stage on fire and win over everyone. Apart from these two famed personalities, fans are eager to see whether there is going to be a performance by Pitbull aka Mr.Worldwide. After having whiffs of these rumours, fans are anxious to watch Pitbull perform at the Super Bowl LIV this year.

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The Super Bowl LIV 2020 will kick off at the Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, February 2, in Miami, which also happens to be Pitbull’s home. So it’s quite natural of fans to expect Pitbull to perform. Even Pitbull’s debut album’s name is M.I.A.M.I which he released in the year 2004. With all of these valid rationales, Pitbull seemed an obvious choice for the Super Bowl.

Well, fans need not get disappointed as Pitbull might make it to the Super Bowl as a guest performer. Over the years, Super Bowl has seen a lot of guest stars on the stage along with the main performers. Just last year, Maroon 5 shared the stage with guest stars Travis Scott and Big Boi and lit up the stage in one-epic-collab.

Pitbull has on numerous occasions collabed with both JLo and Shakira on a lot of songs and would be quite happy and comfortable to share the stage with them. The rapper on January 19 announced that he was going to perform his latest single “Get Ready” at the NFL’s Tailgate Tropicale pre-game concert in Miami and the catch is that he’ll be present at the Super Bowl on Feb 2, so he might as well just make into the Pepsi Half Time Show alongside JLo and Shakira!!!