The strong storm hitting Southern California slows down and was taken over by gusty winds

For almost a week southern California was covered with heavy snowfall and storm post Christmas which cleared off in the time of New Year.
Southern California was hit by Storm in the last week of December 2019

Southern California consists of southern most states of California in the United States. The region is basically know for its sunny weather. On 26 December, Thursday the region was hit by cold winter storm which led to heavy downpours and snowfall in the region. Due to these Tornado was also triggered and major routes were blocked for travel post Christmas.
Massive snowfall blocked the roads making it impossible for the people to move and also caused traffic jams. Heavy wind also toppled down many trees on the roads. The snowfall also to numerous traffic accidents and the wind caused minor damages. Many of the major routes and interstates were blocked and the authorities also later on closed them. In the Tejon Pass a truck driver was found unresponsive who was later pronounced dead by the Keron Country firefighters.
The storm fades which was taken over by gusty winds

The Southern California Storm in Monday was stayed well out to the sea. In the High mountain passes of North and East of Los Angeles light Snowfall or furries were seen. The National Weather Service had turned their attention to offshore flow in which Gusty Sana Winds developed and continued across the region through Tuesday.
It is good news for Southern California that they will ring the new year with clear skies and cool temperatures. Sunny skies and breezy conditions with gust reaching 35 mph can be expected by the countries. Temperature will reach around 68 during the day and drop to 48 at night. The transformation from wet to dry weather made possible for the people to gather for 131st Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.