The Society’s Season 2 will Release Shortly! Let’s go Through the Release Date, Any New Character, Leaked Trailer and New Possibilities.


‘The Society’ Web Series

The Society is an American teen web series made by Christopher Keyser. Its original distributor is Netflix. The show released on Netflix with its first season on May 10, 2019. The show had renewed for a second season. The new season is going to revealed out on Netflix this year.

Netflix/Season 2

The show includes a gathering of high school kids who ought to figure out how to deal with their general public when individuals of their city disappeared. The season was about secrets. For instance, when students, return to class when their outing got dropped and shocked to see that everyone has gone.


Because of the dense forest appears, that covers the town. The students make themselves confident to survive in such horrible conditions with no network and internet. We are deadly ready to see the next season.

When ‘The Society’ Season 2 Will Release??

Season 1 revealed last year in May. The new season may be revealed out in May 2020. There isn’t so much time is left for a new season. So viewers, are you ready and make this series popular.

 Cast Members In The Society Season 2

  1. Kathryn Newton as ‘Allie’.
  2. Gideon Adlon as ‘Becca’.
  3. Sean Berdy as ‘Sam’.
  4. Jack Mulhern as ‘Grizz’.
  5. Alex MacNicoll as ‘Luke’.
  6. Toby Wallance as ‘Campbell’.
Netflix/Season 2: CAST

Other cast members like Clark, Helena, Elle, Gordie, Bean, Jason, and many more.

What Will Be New In Season 2?? We are eagerly waiting for this!!

In season 1, We see that Grizz comes back to New Ham. They discover land so as to do horticultural practices and chasing of creatures.

Most presumably, In season 2 we can see the continuation of season 1, how they endure alone without their relatives and others. We are holding on to perceive how they explain their puzzles.

What About The Trailer of Season 2??

The answer is NO, the trailer has not released yet. But, it is similar to last season.