The Society season 2: release Date, Cast, Plot and every single thing you need to know in this article.


Season 1 of the sweet silly teenage romance drama, The Society left us with a kind blowing suspense and made us wonder what will happen next in the series. The viewers of the show want to watch more episodes of it. We got to know about some little dark secrets of the past. Here’s more details about it.

When will season 2 AIR?

The official site of the show revealed that The Society season 2 will get AIR this year itself. Thus, fans do not need to wait much for the show. But we do not know the final dates for the release yet.

What about the cast?

Season 2 will have the same cast as of season 1. Almost all the members are expected to return for the upcoming season. Catherine Newton will be back for her role as Ellie, Toby Wallace will be back as Campbell, Sean Beardy will play Sam, Jacques Coleman will be seen as Will, Christine Froseth will again be back as Kelly, Gideon Adlon will be playing Becca, Alex Fitzalan is gonna be back as Harry and last but not the least Luke Alex McNicoll will be back as Grizz.

What will happen in the second season?

There are lot of secrets that will be revealed in the second season. Moreover, it will discover more of techniques and methods. But the most fascinating thing in the show will be when they’ll search for their habitats on their own.

Rest, the neighborhood, the college and family in the series will be same as in the previous season. Well, the most interesting thing to watch in this season is that, will they be able to unite with their parents again?

There are some more questions that the viewers have in mind. For how much time will they stay in that alternate universe? What is the reason behind their sudden disappearance? When will Ellie’s sister get back? All these things can only be known only when you watch the show.