One of the Most Gushed Series Among Fans ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ is Anxiously being Awaited for its Season 4. When can Fans Expect the New Season? Find Out All the Answers Below

Natsu No Taizai, commonly known as The Seven Deadly Sins, is one of the most famous series of all times. There have been three seasons already released in English. The fourth season is waited for now. Fans have been pondering over the fact that the fourth season has ended in march, then why are we discussing its release now?

The answer to that question lies simply with the demarcation in the language in which the shows have been released. The fourth season in Japanese ended last month. However, the English version is yet to be released.

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The cast of the series

Elizabeth Liones, Diane, Meliodas, Ban, Merlin, Liz, King (the role of the Fairy King, Harlequin), Hawk, Gowther, Escanor, Monspeet, Zeldris, Galand, and Drole are the confirmed cast for the series that the fans can know and feel good about, since, they will see their favorite performers in the roles that they best suit at.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, will there be a release on Netflix.

Netflix has officially tweeted that the season will be out in July as they had promised earlier, with slight delays yet, the release is destined to happen regardless. Yes, the fans heard this right. There’s nothing to worry about the delay as the destiny awaits the release of the 4th season despite the ongoing pandemic. Fans were equally excited as I am while typing, being a fan of the series myself. No matter what, there will be the fourth season for sure.


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Hendrickson was seen setting free the trapped members of the demon clan, commonly known as ‘The Ten Commandments,’ who later invaded the kingdoms of Liones and Camelot.

The season finished off with Meliodas coming back and killing Fraudrin. It was disclosed that Melodias is cursed with immortality who even is the son of the Demon King. 

After the fight between Melodias and Fraurdrin, Meliodas is moved by the reaction he gets from Ban after his victory. Later, when the destruction of the Boar’s head is done, Meliodas finds some meat and alcohol to enjoy alone; however, not long into the plan when he is joined by Elizabeth.