The sequel to massive superhit ‘Aquaman’ is all set to hit the big screens this year. When is the movie arriving? Read about the cast, plot, and everything else you want to know.

After way too much controversy around the casting of Aquaman 2, the film is all set to hit the big screens! DC studios are all set to release the sequel of the hit film Aquaman.

The Sequel Movie Is All Set To Hit The Big Screen!

The sequel is releasing on 16th December 2020. After the first film had a massive opening back in 2018. After the first movie, fans were already looking forward to the sequel of the hit DC Project. According to one of the cast members, this time Wan’s concept for the second movie is getting pushed even further.

In the sequel we might see Blank Manta with bitterness and a sense of vengeance against Arthur for his unlawful actions. With the first film showing the initial growth of the classic villain. However, now there might be a strong possibility for the sequel to unfold his full powers as Aquaman’s arch-nemesis.

Who All Are Going To Rejoin The Cast? Is Someone New Coming Along In The Sequel?

As far as the cast is concerned, Jason Momoa will definitely return as the titular role of Aquaman. Other than that, Yahya Abdul might also return. Amber Heard can also reprise her role as Mera. We also saw Mamoa looking all dapper in a green and orange suit and holding his iconic trident at the end of the movie’s second trailer.

After a massive fans outrage of removing Amber Heard from the film, the film came under some miserable controversy as well ! However we are sure that the studios have continued with the actress even amidst all the hatred and outrage. Let us see how this controversy can effect the film anytime after its release.