The semicolon tattoo is highly in trend right now! But what does it mean?

Depression is not liked by any individual. no one wants the experience of it from the experiences that they have learned from those who went through it. Once struck with depression, it becomes tough to come out of it and sometimes leads to traumas so big that it enforces people to take steps in life that they should never have taken had they not experienced it. Every individual who faces depression has to go through phases of life that can traumatize them and the ones in charge of them for long.

What is the semicolon tattoo trend?

Social media is set ablaze with the hashtag semicolon tattoo, those who are going through depression or have signs of sorrow and potential depression threats are using that hashtag to show the situation that they are going through. It is much in trend for everyone to use that trend as long as they have feelings of depression or sorrows in them. 

What is the significance of the tattoo?

Not a good sign to know someone suffering in science through their life troubles, hence, when there are signs like that given to the public, they would know their urge to demand help and sensitivity of the situation gets highlighted. Hence, the individual suffering will be dealt with differently from how the others are who do not go through bad phases. It is a sign of sympathy that the victim desires from society and ends up getting provided the ones who are aware of the trend know about it.

A good way of speaking in silence, the victims can now be bold and not worry about the explanation that they would have to give to every individual who wants to know what they are feeling like at that moment.