The Selfless and Considerate ‘Kisuke Urahara’ Who Remains one of the Beloved Characters – A Review

Kisuke Urahara, is a  very famous anime character from a famous anime, at the end of the chrysalis age. There are various factors that make him the best anime characters. Firstly he was a very compassionate and loving person; he had an amazing personality.  He was a scientist.

Just like other characters used to look out for hideouts at different places, he was the only one who was strong and courageous enough to have his own store.

He was selfless and cared about what reaction was required in different situations. What made him different was when everyone in the worst situations created panic; he was the one who remained calm. He makes sure he never gets arrogant with people. He is always humble. He is loved a lot by the public and the anime fans because of his positive nature. 

                                                 pic credits- amino apps

Another quality that makes him special is his mastery in the sword. No one can be a better swordsman than him throughout the series.   He has tremendous energy, which he uses in defense whenever he is in danger.  His energy, which is a special powerful power he possesses, can be used anytime as a barrier to defend himself.  Being a scientist as well, made people realize he was just capable of being a fighter but a person who had knowledge about science as well. He was so good at it that he could do nothing and invent anything. 

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What made him special was endless love towards people. Whatever the situation, he never treated people with cruelty. Another special quality is he is always available to provide help, especially for transport.  Also, he had the capability of getting into soul society.