The Second Season Of Anime Series Fruits Basket Might Be Coming Back Sooner Than You Think! Check out for all latest updates.

With the first season of anime series Fruits Basket coming in the year 2001, fans are still looking out for the second season after the first one ended on a rather incomplete end with several loose threads left behind.

When Will The Second Season Of Anime Series Fruits Basket Season 2 Going To Release?

However, after a rather prolonged wait, there’s is no trace of a second season coming soon enough. The huge delay has been a result of the growing creative difference between the anime director and manga-ka Natsuki Takaya. These differences led to the fate of the show in severe uncertainty and it seems like it is still under the air.

In the first season finale fans, we’re introduced to a brand new character just before the season came to an end thus leaving behind questions. The second season will be focusing more on the surprise character, Rin the horse. Take a look at the trailer of the anime series to get a glimpse of what’s ahead in it. We sure are excited!

What Can We Expect In The Second Season Of The Anime Series?

Apart from the new characters that will be making a more detailed entry in season 2, fans are eagerly waiting to know.morw about the whole mystery around the Sohma curse.

With more psychological and supernatural elements added into the mix, expect the second season to become all the darker. There might be big news as fans can see the much-awaited Season 2 which was reportedly going to air on Japanese TV on 6th April. With a lot to look forward this time, we wonder when will the Anime series second season come back for a global release.