The season 4 of Rick and Morty is all packed of sci-fi actions that will give chills to your nerves!!

In May 2018, when the arrival of Rick and Morty was, announced for having 70 episodes, it was kinda exciting to know this, but also, a feeling of boredom prevailed because having too many episodes would get boring.


The first episode of the fourth season of Rick and Morty turned the table. The first episode completely managed to keep up with the hypes of the fans of the show.

This sci-fi fantasy is soo eye-catching that it’s hard for any sci-fi fan to resist.

Rick and Morty are back again with loads of chaos, awestruck actions, and frightening scenes that may give chills to your nerves.

The first episode of fourth season titled as – “Edge of Tomorty:Rick Die Rickpeat”, which will come this Sunday on Adult Swim, adapts scenes from tomorrow Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow:Live, Die, Repeat where cruise dies like about thousand times battling out with alien invaders, while his memories go over.

The show excitingly adapts this concept, which might be writers are found of alien invasions.

The story is packed with alternative changing plots incorporating cool gadgets and trans-humanist themes.

The episode description reads, ” Morty goes nuts this time dawg,” Where you will find Morty going kinda nuts in the scenes.

Moreover, Cartoon Network has collaborated with Cryptozoic to produce a new board game regarding the show called Rick and Morty: The Morty Zone Dice Game announced this Wednesday.

The game features a quite big crystal embedded in the forehead of Morty.

The crystal is known to be a death crystal that who so ever would touch it would die.

This theme is in regards to the upcoming episodes of the show.

The way the episode incorporates this death crystal thing feels terrifying, but the course of the story ends with a sense of normalcy, making good on Beth’s promise in the finale of season 3 that things would be more streamlined than they were in season 1.