The Season 4 for Hacker Drama ‘Mr. Robot’ was its Last? Has the Show got Concluded or will it Return with a New Season? Find Out all the Details Below.

The hacker drama Mr. Robot has enjoyed immense success and after season 4 wrapped up, questions are rife if we will get to see a fifth season 

Sam Esmail’s Mr. Robot centers around a hacker and cyber security engineer named Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek, who gets recruited by an anarchist named Mr. Robot (played by Christian Slater), who wants Elliot to take down E-Corp, the very company he works for. Mr. Robot says that he will be doing society a favour by taking down this company, which has many secrets. He manages to get Elliot, who suffers from anxiety and delusions to work for him.

Updates about the show

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Season one kicked off in 2015, and seasons two and three premiered in the following years. Season 4 premiered in October 2019 and had been the most well-received season out of all of them. We got to see the characters working on breaking the chains of oppression and helping the people by returning the wealth that was stolen from them.

The finale didn’t have anything like mass murder or destruction but Elliot doing what he does best with a little computer. It ended on a great note.

So the question remains: What will be the future of the show turn out like? Director Sam Esmail stated that he will not be renewing the series for a fifth season as he had been looking for the perfect ending after starting the series. And he was able to find that with the conclusion of season four. So the correct term to use will not be cancelled, in this situation. The show found its beautiful and most fitting ending, and we couldn’t be happier about it, even though we will miss the show.