The Saturday Night Live: Why should the citizens be silent? Yovanowitch felt threatened and was shocked!!

Days of our Impeachment

The hearing of the U.S.A. president turned out to be one of the shows which were watched by most Americans. It contained a lot of dramas. The Senate turned against Trump, and there were many witnesses who came forward and testified. Maria Yovanowitch, who was the American Ambassador to Ukraine, was removed from her position without any valid reasons. The hearing started with Adam Schiff House intelligence committee chairman with his opening statement. There were many representatives.
The Saturday Night Live show depicted the hearing against American President Donald Trump. Several witnesses came up against Trump. But the main witness who testified was Yovanowitch. She was devastated and felt threatened after hearing the call record between the president of America and the other president Zelensky. The record in which the president said that “she will go through something,” she as in Yovanowitch. She mentioned how she felt that she was the main talk between their conversation. The ambassador felt threatened and was shocked to hear the call record.
The hearing goes with asking Yovanowitch questions regarding the case. Maria Yovanowitch was called by her superior to Washington, D.C. Upon her return to D.C., she was informed that she could no longer serve as the ambassador. Even though she was not at fault, she was removed. Maria says that it was because she had no respect for the president. Yovanowitch fought against corruption. Due to this, she had lots of enemies. The president later, during the hearing, tweeted that where ever Yovanowitch goes, there are problems. Things do not end up well. It was even the same case in Somalia.
Yovanowitch testified that she felt insulted and ruined. The Saturday Night Live says that the impeachment hearing is more of like a soap opera. From blaming each other to proving evidence. There was more drama in it.