The Rising of the Shield Hero: Season 2 is Coming and Very Soon!

 Well, we know that most of the great Anime is build from a profound light Novel, and so is Rising of the Shield. So the novel was written by Aneko Yusaagi came into the roll in June 2017, the Anime has 25 episodes. Which, first came through in January 2019, with weekly release till the finale.

What is the catchy storyline?

The story tells us about the warrior Naofumi Lwatani, a young hero chosen to defend the world, but the hero is given only a legendary shield to protect the world with no attacking weapon. His luck even turns worst as he is betrayed by the princess of Kingdom leaving him devoid, but guess what does a hurt soldier do, he fights back and that’s what the show is about. Story of Naofumi and his companions fighting the odds and evils of the world.

Applause for the show paved way for second season

Well, the adventure series took the poll up for itself, the show was critically and commercially successful, making a great profit for the shoemakers. Which indeed turned out to be positive as the show has to begin renewed for the not only second but third season also, which is not too much to be surprised upon.

Arrival Date

The announcement was made in late 2019 at Crunchyroll expo. And made the official announcement too, through twitter. No release date is confirmed, but we could expect the show by late 2020 or by early 2021.

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Season 2 is Coming and Very Soon! 1

What could we expect from Season 2?

Speaking about the plot of season 2, there are no further updates about the next season of the show. Well, the plot is not yet announced, but all we can figure out is that it will be continue the story of last season.