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‘The Real World Homecoming’: The ‘New York’ Cast on Reuniting and How to Watch (Exclusive)

After first appearing in 1992, The Real World: New York cast is rejoining 30 years after the fact for the Paramount+ restricted arrangement, The Real World Homecoming: New York. Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, and Kevin Powell are proceeding with MTV’s “social trial” by moving back in together to have their lives taped as they consider past notable minutes and make every single new one.

“There were a ton of sentiments and a lot of recollections and considering a ton of the various encounters that happened years prior,” Nies tells ET, clarifying that the get-together was “truly passionate stuff.”

For Gentry and Powell, that implied returning to their touchy quarrel over race and bias that unfurled in the city of New York and got one of the notable minutes from the principal season. “Returning and watching that first season and seeing my 19-year-old self make statements like, ‘All things considered, I’m not a bigot.’ That was enlightening and cringeworthy,” Gentry says, while Powell adds, “The manner in which I had discussions like that – presently I wouldn’t do that. That is not who I am.”

He proceeds to clarify that crowds will see loads of development from every one of the returning cast individuals. “We’re grown-ups now, as it will be really incredible [to watch].”

“Something that I truly needed to accomplish with the get-together was to return to a portion of these points with somewhat more astuteness, somewhat more tolerance and I believe being somewhat more open myself,” Comeau says, repeating Powell’s conclusion. “So to be allowed that chance to share all that we have changed and developed, it is exceptionally uncommon.”

'The Real World Homecoming': The 'New York' Cast on Reuniting and How to Watch (Exclusive)

While there are bunches of wistfulness that return with them being together, the experience rapidly “turns into an entirely different show,” Korpi says. “Out of nowhere, every one of our associations and characters begins driving completely new things forward.”

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