The Real Housewives of Atlanta Alum Cynthia Bailey Took Active Participation In The Protest Along With Her Family. Read for all details.

While hundreds of people have come down to the streets and protesting against the recent incident of racial discrimination that led to the painful death of George Floyd, some known celebs have also been raising their voices against the cause.

Cynthia Bailey And Her Whole Family Joined The Protest Down The Streets. Have a Look.

Among these celebs is Cynthia Bailey who was made famous in Real Housewives of Atlanta and her fiance Mike Hill. They both also.went down the streets with their daughters this week to protest against what happened to George Floyd due to police brutality.

She also uploaded pictures on her Instagram account and talked about the whole protest. Cynthia further stated that while.progress is made it is high time that we all make our voices heard. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum described the setting of the protest as beautiful and peaceful. Take a look at the family picture that Cynthia uploaded while talking about the protest.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Alum Talked About The Whole Protest.

She talked about the small acts of kindness as people were sharing water and snacks which was speaking nothing but volume. Meanwhile, even her fiance Mike took to Instagram and described the protest as nothing less than powerful. Even he joined Bailey in this protest in the streets.

Many celebs have been voicing their anger via social media or are directly taking down in the streets. While the protest has gained huge momentum leading to the arrest of all police involved in this brutal crime of racial discrimination,people are voice ingenuity for a change that would be more deep rooted and free people from such day to day biases.