The Popular Boyband K POP is in yet another controversy now that BTS Member “Jungkook” is Under Police Investigation!!

Jeon Jung-kook, better known as Jungkook, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is a member and singer of the South Korean boy band BTS.

The band K POP gained its popularity in no time. All across the world, they are followed by crazy young fans.

The catchy songs like “I Need U, Blood Sweat Tears, Boy in luv” and many more have become chart-toppers.

The band has been in and out of news due to good or bad reasons.

What’s the latest controversy about Jungkook?

BTS member Jungkook went under police investigation after causing a car accident on Nov 2, 2019.

According to the Seoul Yongsan Precinct, Jungkook broke an unspecified traffic law and is currently under investigation. He was driving his Benz in Yongsan Hannam on the 2nd, and then crashed into a taxi after breaking the said unspecified traffic law. Both Jungkook and the taxi driver received minor injuries and were treated at the hospital.

The police said, “We cannot reveal the details. We are currently investigating the matter.”

K POP Band management has accepted that Jeon is involved in the Road Traffic Act immediately after the accident. The scene of the crash is resolved; police questioning is completed according to the legal process, an amicable settlement is made with the victim.

Earlier Controversy

A photoshopped image of Jungkook’s portrait mounted on a funeral wreath started spreading amongst the EXO-L band who had felt insulted. Many thought that the image was too severe, and tension between certain members of the two fan clubs grew. When fans realized that EXO and BTS were actually close the feud seems to have died down

We hope the BTS band concentrate on making good songs rather than making controversies.