The Owner of Quirk, ‘Shoto Todoroki’ is a Loved Anime Character from ‘Todoroki to Iida’ – A Review

Shoto Todoroki is an anime manga character from “Todoroki to Iida.” Shoto is the youngest son of Endeavour, who is a student of class 1-A at U.A High school, where he is training to become a pro hero. He is also the main protagonist of the whole series. In appearance, Shoto looks quite good; he is tall and well-built for his age. His left iris is turquoise, whereas his right iris is brownish; this is because he possesses heterochromia iridium. His different hair color is also because of the same reason.

For Shoto’s personality, he is very cold and intense. However, this is because of his tough upbringing and complex family. He is not so social, self-dependent, and unemotional. Meanwhile, we can see a little change in his personality is seen when the events for U.A. Sports Festival took place. He was then more kind, socializing with his classmates and smiling. But, he still likes to be aloof, and his core personality still remains the same.

For Shoto, controlling his power in starting was a difficult task.

Shoto has been trained by his father, and he is very well in his class. He is also able to handle his Quirk, which makes him half-cold half-hot. Using the right side of his body, he can lower and freeze the atmosphere around him i.e.; he can freeze large buildings without much difficulty. From the left side of his body, he can drastically raise the temperature using fire.

But in the starting, when he tried using this power, it burned his arm and left side of his head. However, after a few changes in his costume, this difficulty no longer exists, and now he has more command to the left side of his body.

In the U.S.J. incident, he was able to take down many villains in his fight against Katsuki. He could have won using his fire, but due to his inner turmoil and lesser control over the left side than the right side, he lost.