“The Outfit” Review; Graham Moore’s Directorial Debut is a Piece of art

The Outfit is a Clean and smooth piece of work

American screenwriter and author Graham Moore is making his directorial debut with the film “The Outfit”. The story revolves around an English tailor Leonard. He fashions suits in Savile Row. However, the man finds himself in Chicago where he crafts beautiful and expensive clothes in a rough part of Chicago. Only one family can buy the clothes from Leonard is a family of gangsters, who were also his first customers. The family also drops off money at his shop. Leonard will get involved with the family as the story moves forward.

"The Outfit" Review; Graham Moore's Directorial Debut

Rylance’s Performance as Leonard

The film is most certainly a beautiful piece of work. Mark Rylance who plays Leonard, carries the character with a lot of grace. His performance has a sense of composure yet still looks rebellious. Various other characters appear through the course of the movie. Zoey Deutch plays the role of Mable, Leonard’s secretary is hiding something from him also gives a great performance. Some dialogues do seem to leave a lasting impression. However, the story at times moves too fast. This leads to most scenes not hitting as hard as they should.

"The Outfit" Review; Graham Moore's Directorial Debut

Cinematography and Screenplay

Dick Pope is responsible for the cinematography for the film. Pope did a beautiful job at making every scene feel different. Every scene keeps the viewer guessing and waiting for the next one.

Graham Moore, who directed the movie also co-wrote the screenplay along with Jonathan McClain. Moore, who won the Academy Award for “The Imitation Game” made the transitions feel very smooth and authentic. Even the mundane scenes don’t bore the audience. Moore makes the film seem like a clean looking play.

The movie premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival of this year and is set to hit the theatres on March 18, 2022.