The Orville: The Comic Sci-Fi Drama is Set to Return with Season 3

The American drama, ‘The Orville’ is based on light comedy with tinges of science fiction and adventure is a tv series that was released in 2017. The series has had 2 seasons released already and the third was is yet to release. The third season is thought of as having 11 episodes, lesser than the seasons before, however, the duration of the episodes would increase by 10 minutes. Although not a very famous show with a huge fan base, the show is capable of getting an average rating of 0.75 for the latest season and has a fan base of about 3.16 million.


The show is a science fiction that links much with movie interstellar and its explorations. The show runs on the same grounds as the science enthusiasts would predict to be. The show is the kind that needs a higher and science level of understanding which is what explains the less fame in the club of series. Other dramas that are based on fascination are capable of gaining more viewers when compared to a science drama like this. Among the viewers and fans of the series, those who regularly watch it understand the essence of the show.

Is there a trailer out yet?

There is no trailer as of yet. The show was renewed for a third season in 2019, however, no formal teaser or trailer has been released for the fans to know the storyline of the third season.

The dates of the release of an official statement or a trailer are expected soon. Fans need to show some more patience as they have all this while. The pandemic has left no one, be it marvel or anime.

When will the series release?

The producers are expecting the movie to release in October 2020. That is the predicted time by them due to the unprecedented nature of the lockdown and social distancing measures that the countries have taken.