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The original script of John Wick movie had a different path as to what was shown in the movies! Here’s what you need to know.

Movies that have a thrilling end are liked over others. Any movie that maintains a climax till the end is liked by viewers irrespective of their age and background of genres. Adventurous movies are liked more than any other kind.

However, if the reality is different from what is shown in movies and the suspense gets revealed in the end by anyone from the movie board of directors, rather than being seen at the movie itself, the thrill is different. Some movies are like that as described above, they have suspense which gets revealed much later and occurs not through the course of the movie but is spoken by the movie board.

What was the connection of such an ending with that in John Wick?

The john wick film that stars Keanu reeves has a dramatic story and it takes off with many deaths in it. The entire series which has several parts ends with several deaths and goes on in the same fashion through other seasons too. With several sequels out and some remaining to release, the movie series has taken several turns in the course of its presentations.

With more parts, the number of deaths in the subsequent sequel gets increased. However, to clear the doubt in others’ minds regarding the number of deaths, the director, John Wick had to make it clear that there had been three deaths while the movies presented more than 80 deaths and the number was increasing with subsequent parts. This clarification comes specifically to the last part that was out on the platter.

For those who have not watched the series yet, they must do it the soonest they can and stream the movies to watch the fun and amusement that takes place.

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