The Order season 2: what more secrets will Jack learn about the Order? Check out all latest updates including exclusive spoilers.

The drama series, The Order season one came out in March 2019. After that Netflix planned to bring a second season, however, there is no confirmation about the release date yet. But there are a few important updates about the show that you need to know.

The Order season 2 release date: when will it AIR?

As mentioned earlier, the release date has not been revealed by the showmakers or the streaming service till now. Hopefully, they will announce it soon. We will notify you when the release date gets declared, stay tuned.

Is there a trailer for The Order season 2?

Unfortunately, no. There is no trailer available for The Order season 2 till now. It is expected to release around one month before the show’s arrival.

Who all are a part of the show?

The very favourite character, Matt Frewer, who played the role of Pete ( Granddaddy of Jack) won’t be coming back in season two as he was shown dead in episode nine of season 1.

However, the returning cast members includes Jake Manley playing the role of Jack Jazzman. Accompanying him would be married woman Grey who will play the role of Alyssa Drake. In addition, Adam DiMarco will be reprising her role of Randall Carpio, cocktail will be seen playing Edward Coventry, and Katharine Isabelle is also expected to be back to play Vera Stone.

What is the storyline of The Order 2?

The show basically focuses on an association, the tight Order of the Blue Rose. The association is run by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton. And it runs from a college field. Now it would be interesting to see what story does The Order season 2 brings for us to watch.