The Order Season 2 is making headlines as people have high expectations, but will there is any season 2?? Checkout for release date, Cast and

The Order, one of the most liked fantasy series which involves murders, black magic, and a very thrilled and engaging story. Till now, season one tells the story of a young man on a quest to avenge his mother’s death. Jack joins the Blue Rose in a bid to take down his estranged father. The action is set against a backdrop of “a war between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic, “says the Netflix blurb. The season one final jas left viewers pondering what season two has just been confirmed-will hold.


The order s2

The closing montage of season one seen a variety of characters having their memories wiped, starting with Jack,” Hey-What’s your name? He calls out to Alyssa, before pondering “… What’s my name?” In theory, this means season two, if it’s on the cards, has the potential to start with a completely blank side. This presents two options. First-a new protagonist tumbling into the world of the Order.

Second-the return of Jack, memory restored, thrown into more order-vs-knight conflict. WHAT ABOUT PETER? IS HE GONE FOR GOOD? Memory, there’s one other big question we have following the finale. Pops died in the final moments of ep nine. However, is Peter actually dead, or will he bit too miserable-ever-after? The whole afterlife ‘thing’ gets a little convoluted: even Amir, when asked by Jack if he’s a ghost, admits, “I don’t know.”But we didn’t see peter die so much as disappeared in a literal puff magician’s smoke. The audience is really excited for the second season, and expectations are at the zenith. Well, for directors of the show, making up to the expectations of audiences would be a very difficult job. Hope season two will be a bang on!!