The New ‘Succession’ Clip Furthers the Ongoing Chaos in Season 3!

  Excitement rises with the new season

As we near the release of Succession season 3, there is plenty to look forward to. However, HBO has posted a brand new clip to whet the appetite. Moreover, Succession will return to HBO on Sunday, Oct. 17. As compared to Seasons 1 and 2, Season 3 will consist of nine episodes.

Additionally, the new season features new faces. These roles can also be seen in the season 3 trailer. As the chaos continues, the season is at last causing some excitement among fans.

The clip ends on a cliffhanger

Kendall is explained the truth about his situation by Karolina in the video. To summarize, he will have to cut his ties with the company in the near future if he decides to turn whistleblower on his father. Moreover, Greg is asked what was going to happen, and he tries to figure out an official position for both sides that remains open to both.

Meanwhile, Kendall urges Karolina to get involved. However, the clip ends before she responds. Logan and Kendall will face off in season 3’s promotional materials.

Moreover, this scene recalls the multiple posters that depict key players switching between the two sides.

  The billionaire family

A fictional family owned by the billionaire Waystar RoyCo is the subject of Succession. When attempting to decide who will replace their ailing but domineering patriarch, they encounter several barriers. First, Logan Roy is the company’s head. With its blend of comedy and drama, Armstrong’s show is full of surprises.

Furthermore, Season 2 includes increasing tensions between both sides. In addition, Kendall supposed to take over Waystar in the pilot, but Logan changed his mind. The son suddenly turns on his father by claiming that he was aware of the illegal behavior of their company at a press conference.

Credit: Instagram/Succession

Finally, further dividing the Roy family by setting up a battle.

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