The Naked Gun: Paramount Studios and Seth McFarlane Eyeing Liam Neeson for Lead Role

A Possible “The Naked Gun” Reboot?

“The Naked Gun” might come back with Liam Neeson as the start this time around. Actor Liam Neeson revealed that Seth McFarlane approached him regarding the reboot of the classic “The Naked Gun”.

The classic crime comedy starring the legendary Leslie Nielsen is still a mood-altering piece for a whole lot. This movie franchise centered Detective Frank Drebin, who in all three movies from the franchise tries to unravel a mystery and solve a case and jumps through a bunch of funny instances in order to do that.

However, Nielsen passed away back in 2010. Therefore, an appearance by him will be something that the fans will miss.

Liam Neeson
Warner Bros.

Neeson As Detective Drebin

Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy is currently giving “The Naked Gun” reboot a thought. This makes the fan wonder who will fill in Nielsen’s shoes as Nielsen. The producer has a certain someone in mind for that. McFarlane asked Neeson to play Detective Drebin, the actor revealed in an interview. This reboot could either end his career or shove it in another direction, Neeson shared.

Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun
Paramount Pictures

The Neeson McFarlane Combo

The Academy Award nominee is famous for his role in drama and action movies for instance, ‘Schindler’s List’ and “Taken”, “Batman Beigins”. The fans are yet to see him in a comedy film. It would be pretty interesting to see him in a movie like “The Naked Gun”. On top of that, in a movie created by McFarlane. McFarlane is known for Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and Ted and his absolute comedic bent.

One thing is for sure that the Neeson McFarlane duo will be one to watch out for. Also after years of McFarlane’s experience, fans trust him to create something that they enjoy.
No more details out for now. But fans will hang on this story for a while.