The mother of dragons, Emilia Clarke learned to speak up when she uncomfortable and going nude on screen was no more her comfort zone!

We all love Emilia Clarke! Right from her character in The Game of Thrones to all the films that she has starred in since then! Recently, the actress talked about the issue of nudity on screen in an interview. Let’s see what she talked about!

Emilia Talks About Nudity On Screen!

Apparently, according to the actress, she was told that she’d “disappoint” all her Game of Thrones fans if she didn’t go nude on another project. She further confessed that when she was new on the sets of Game of throne she was a fresher out of a drama school. She had no idea what was going on and suddenly she was naked in front of all these people. It was just too much to process, said the actress.

How Experience Has Made the Actress Wiser! 

Moreover, now Emilia Clarke says that things are vastly different and she has matured over time. Spending eight years playing the role of the mother of dragons, Emilia has learned to speak up when she uncomfortable. She also recalled how Jason Momoa supported her by saying that this isn’t okay, Clarke said on the podcast.

During the chat with Dax Shepard, she gave an example where she was said that she will disappoint her Game of Thrones fans if she doesn’t go nude on screen! This demand enraged the actress as it was not important to the scene. Emilia talks about how her experience love time has made her a wiser person who knows what she wants or not. She said that she has seen enough now to know what is actually needed. Emilia says that she has become a whole lot savvy about what she is comfortable with and what she is okay with doing! It seems like Emilia has learned to assert her voice for all the right reasons!