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The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen aka Emilia Clarke was spotted in white coat while she was spotted with her dog.

Emilia Clarke gained a lot of fame and attention through Game of Thrones which was ended in 2019. The 34 year old actress was spotted in white coat when she was taking her dog out for a walk.

The actress was taking her dog for a walk and was wearing white coat to protect herself from december chills. In addition to keep herself safe from winter chills, Emilia was wearing a beanie.


She was spotted on Friday in London. The duo of dog and the owner is trending because it was too wholesome for fans. Emilia was wearing a pair of ripped jeans and was in zero make up. In addition, she was wearing pointed ankle boots. Well, for those who don’t know what is the name of Emilia’s baby, her pet is known with “Ted”.

Emilia is in news again for her role in Game of Thrones.

Recently, the director of 5th episode season 5 revealed some facts about the speech Daenerys aka Emilia delivered in Valyrian. The director was Jeremy Podeswa. He recalled that just before the shot, he asked Emilia that whether she can give the speech in fake language of Game of Thrones, Valyrian? And she happily agreed to it.

Courtesy: HBO

Moreover, she never practised it and it was a blind shot. But Emilia did it and every Game of Thrones fan remember it. Emilia ad-libbed the shot and still it was a remarkable speech in Valyrian. However, the language is sort of tough and before any shot in that language, Emilia used to practice it. But this time, she gave the speech without rehearsing it even for once.

The shows languages were crafted by David Peterson. Mostly, all the scenes in Valyrian used to be created in his presence only.

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