The Most Talked About Films Of 57th New York Film Festival. Know about all the best Movies worth watching

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The annual 57th New York Film is going on, starting from 27 Sep will run until 13 Oct ’19 presented by Lincoln Center. This time 153 films are premiering in the festival, in which some of them are the winners from this year’s film festival of Cannes, Venice, and Berlin. The festival is event-full with panel discussions,  workshops, free screening and more.

The New York Film Festivals supports and promotes good movies from around the world. Some of the most enthralling feature films this year are ‘The Irishman’ directed by Martin Scorsese, an epic-crime mob film with the star cast Robert Niro, Al Pachino, Joe Pesci. It is based on the real-life story of Frank Sheeran which is epically played by Niro. The film is highly acclaimed by the critics, praising the film the way Scorsese’s presented it.

Robert Niro still from The Irishman

Directed by French director Bertrand Bonello ‘Zombie Girl’ is a fantasy-drama film, which tells us the story of a young girl Melissa (Wislanda Louimat) who recently came to Italy come together with another girl to start fantasy, drama, horror journey to question the mythical Haitian Voddo practice. Another masterpiece which is the most talked film in the festival is ‘First Cow‘ and ‘Marriage Story’. The First Cow is an American Drama directed by Kelly Reichardt, it revolves around the story of a cook (John Magaro) who travels Northwest where he joined the group of Oregon Territory.

John Magaro in First Cow

Directed by Noah Baumbach ‘Marriage Story’ is a New York-centric film about the bitter and abiding love of a couple who are going through a divorce and negotiating for their son’s custody. Baumbach movie moves light-heartedly into the life of a couple who are understanding, confused and filled with an abundance of love. The couple is played by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Brooklyn.

Still from ‘Marriage Story’

Not only these movies but other films like Motherless Brooklyn (USA), Beanpole (Russia), The Moneychanger (Uruguay), Pain and Glory (Spain), Portrait of a lady on fire (France), To the ends of the Earth (Japan), The whistlers (Romania), Atlantics (France), Fire will come (Spain), I was at home, But…(Germany), Martin Eden (Italy), Liberte (Spain), Vitalina Varela (Portugal), Oh Mercy (France), Sibyl (France), The traitor (Italy) are also celebrated in the New York film festival.

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