The Masked Singer: Who could be the Dream Cast? Let’s Check Out.

The singing sensations like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Billie Elish and Ariana Grande might be busy with their own music world, but who misses “The Masked Singer”. Right?

For a moment let’s just assume that these pretty ladies appear on “The Masked Singer” so which character will be the most appropriate for them. Let’s find out…

‘She roars’ Beyonce is known for her lioness quality. With her tunes that tend to range from “Run the World” to “Put a Ring on it”, she always displays the remarkable body of work as she also sang Nala in the live-action version of “The Lion King.”

The Masked Singer: Who could be the Dream Cast? Let's Check Out. 1

Now let’s talk about Taylor Swift, she has a figure that many girls dream of, with the slim and elegant figure she is always seen strapping into slinky gowns. seeing this we can definitely say, that the most suited role for her can be ham and it is also known that one thing you can find in her fridge every time is sliced deli ham.

We have talked about Beyonce and Swift, now comes Billie Eilish’s turn. since she is a vegan, so keeping that in mind she can’t be disguised as any animal. With that, we can say that she’ll look extremely delicious portraying a sprig of broccoli. Ain’t this interesting? Some sources suggested that she is singing a brand new Bond song and the film is said to be produced by the members of a Broccoli family.

The Masked Singer: Who could be the Dream Cast? Let's Check Out. 2

Last but not the lease, there’s Ariana Grande, the cute little sensational singer knows how to dance to her own beats with utmost great moves. She always tends to call herself obsessed with the noisy little hounds so the best-suited role for her can of a little Chihuahua puppy.