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The makers of historical drama have call of the seventh series of “Vikings”. Therefore, there the series has come to an end there will be no season 7

Even after so many efforts and a huge demand by fans for Vikings’s season 7, the makers have decided to call it off. The series have total 6 season. The very first season of the “Vikings” appeared on 3rd of March, 2013. Inspired by the series of Norse heroes, Vikings revolves around Ragnar’s family. Within six season, total 89 episodes were aired on the original network.

The last season of the series is divided into two parts. The viewership of “Vikings” was so high that fans genuinely wanted a season 7 of the series. But it seems like the makers of the series are done with it.

What is the reason for cancelling season 7 of the “Vikings”?

The arc of the story actually ended in part 2 of  season 6. It marked the end of an era of  the Vikings. The justification of every character in the series was done in season 6. That is why there is no meaning making season 7 just for the satisfaction of the audience. Ragnar’s ambition was to conquer the world but everything ends in tragedy for his family. The new land and the England was mostly affected. Here, there in no point in stressing the story.

However, fans need not to worry. The “Vikings” fans don’t have to say it by fully because the makers aren’t done with the series yet. If you all remember, in 2019 it was already announced that Michael Hirst and Jeb Stuart have teamed up. They have already planned to bring the sequel of the series which will be named as “Vikings: Valhalla”.

The 2nd part of the season  will release on 30th of December, 2020. 2nd part of the series will be consisting of 10 episodes just like the previous one.

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