The Korean Historical Drama ‘Red Sleeve Cuff’ to be Unveiled This Winter

The upcoming historical drama will run from Nov to Dec

MBC ‘s new historical romance drama Red sleeve cuff will be aired from November 5. The final episode expected to be release on December 25. The series running dates are Friday and Saturday. Jung Ji-in directs this drama, he directed Red sleeve cuff based on the novel “Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong” written by Kang Mi-Kang.


The cast who offered to join in the drama done the script reading by May 2021. At first Park Hye-Soo asked to play the role of Sung Deok-Im but she didn’t accept the offer. Lee Se-Young took the female lead role Memoirist and Kairos are her recent dramas.

e Junho
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Lee Junho as the male lead in this drama. 2PM band member after starring in Confession drama joined the military on 2019 and discharged on 2021. Both actors shared their thoughts, Lee Junho said he enjoyed the script and feeling happy to team with Lee Se Young. Added the drama version of this series has it’s own vibes.

On the other hand Lee Se Young said finished reading scripts and prepared to unwrap whole character from them.


Red sleeve cuff drama portrays the love story between King and court lady. In this drama Joseon era real incidents included and journey of the series takes the audience 18th century. The crown prince wanted to marry a maid but he chose to become king Jeongjo and his royal concubine is Uibin Sung.

lee se young
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Sung Deok Im works as a court clerk. Crown Prince Lee San is worried about her, and he falls in love with her. In the end, the crown prince will be crowned King Jeongjo. Sung Deok Im has become his concubine in his fantasies, but she rejects. Deok, Sung Im want to live her life as she pleases, which is impossible to do as a concubine. She also understands that having a royal concubine is no longer synonymous with happiness. Despite this, King Jeongjo makes Sung Deok Im his concubine.