The irresistible charm of “Lucifer” will continue with Season 5 and Episode 2 has some hidden message? Fans new theory is making everyone think twice!!

Who doesn’t love a sexy, irresistible, charming, and witty guy? This guy is immortal, has amazing strength, and has bad-boy vibes going on all around him. Yes, that’s Lucifer, and he is the reason the TV series with the same name is gaining fans worldwide. The makers canceled the series after three seasons, but Netflix picked Lucifer for their fourth season, and now they are onto the 5th season. Reportedly, the fifth season will have 16 episodes.

People are very excited about the different twists and turns that might take place in Season 2. Recently, the official account of Lucifer Writers’ room shared a tweet where they revealed the title for episode 2 of season 5. And the title is getting major attention. People are getting “Beetlejuice” and “Marca” vibes.

What are the fans thinking?

Fans are commenting on their different interpretations of it, to guess the reason behind the title. The name of the second episode is “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”. That is quite an odd title, isn’t it? People are relating to Beetlejuice because if you repeat Beetlejuice three times, he appears. And fans are trying to connect the title to that theory.

Some fans say that maybe Chloe or Trixie will attempt to summon Lucifer back from hell using his name. Some fans are going the spicy route. Lucifer and Chloe shippers hope that they will finally hook up and maybe it will be her who will call out his name. But who knows?

At the end of season 4, Lucifer came to know that the prophecy was true. The prophecy said that he and his first love would unleash evil on Earth. And Lucifer’s first love was Chloe. So Lucifer made a sacrifice and returned to hell to keep Chloe and the Earth safe. Now in season 5, we are yet to know the reason behind the title and find out what this season has in store for the fans. Till then, as they say, we got to wait and watch!