” The Irishman ” premiere brings together Al Pacino and his family in spotlight…. A rare event!

Netflix just made the TCL Chinese theatre into a typical New York red carpet for the premiere of its high budget movie “The Irishman “. The theme was very Italian. The film is studded by some very talented actors like Robert Nico, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. The actors were very excited about the premiere day. They said that it was something that they always wanted to do and they hope that the film does well.

“The Irishman ” is going to be released both on the big screen as well as on the web. Al Pacino thanked Netflix for their support and help. Netflix provided them the money for making this movie and they(the whole cast) will be forever grateful for that.

The premiere set was a totally Irish theme. There were banners of the union leaders and cocktails and cigars were provided too.

Al Pacino was also happy because he felt that with the movie releasing on the small screen too, a larger population of the audience will watch the movie and appreciate their work.

“The Irishman ” has been frequently talked about because of three reasons. Firstly because of the advanced technology that has been used for the visuals of the movie. Secondly,  the movie is star-studded with the greatest actors of the century. And last, the movie is being released on two completely different platforms.

Al Pacino attended the premiere along with her wife and daughter who are usually away from the limelight.

The Irishman is made on a huge budget of $160 million and is set to release on 27 November on Netflix. In theaters, it will release on 1 November. It also stars celebrities like Paul Victor, Jack Hudson, Billy Idol, Justin Timberlake and many more.

The movie is Al Pacino ‘s third film with Robert. Both of them have been great friends over the years. Let’s hope that their on-screen collaboration is as successful as their off-screen connection.