The Informant trailer- will Gery be able to survive with his double life lie or will he get caught in this Hungarian spy thriller?

The Informant trailer is out

If you haven’t tried any European thriller till date or you’re looking to add something of that genre to your “to-watch” list, HBO Max is here for you.

The exclusive trailer for a Hungarian spy thriller series- The Informant is finally out. And it’s safe to say it’s creating a buzz on the Internet.

Set in the 80s, the story is about an informant who is ready to go to any lengths to save his brother. And in order to do that, he has to enter among a group of radicals and report information on them. Hence, the informant has to pretend to have a relaxed time while fearing for his life at the same time.

What do we see in the trailer?

In the trailer, we see the ordinary character Geri Demeter, played by Gergely Váradi, as a freshman in college. Due to that, it isn’t too hard for him to lead a double life in a non-hostile environment.

If you have watched other spy stories like Tinker Tailorr Soldier Spy and Atomic Blonde, which keeps you at the edge of the seat, The Informant has a differentiating factor. This 8-part drama has an innocent vibe which makes us feel that maybe Gery isn’t as safe as he thinks he is.

The Informant
YouTube/The Informant trailer

We also see the “calm before the storm” kind of scene in the trailer. Everything seems peachy before all hell breaks loose and Gery must decide which side he is on and why. Moreover, the radical group’s leader Száva soon realizes that there is an informant among them. Will Gery be able to survive?

Well, only time will reveal that!

Writer Bálint Szentgyörgyi is making a comeback after quite a while

Anna Závorszky is the producer of his HBO Max project. At the same time, Proton Cinema is also offering their services via Viktória Petrányi. Szentgyörgyi is coming back after almost a decade after Water, Our Past and Future. Camilla Curtis and Johnathan Young are the executive producers for HBO Max.

The Informant
YouTube/The Informant trailer

The Informant is all set to premiere its first 2 episodes on April 1 on HBO Max. After the initial double episodes, an episode will release every week.