The iconic TV series “Sesame Street” has been selected for the honor from Kennedy Center Honors.

Kids Remember “Sesame Street”? The most exciting children’s TV show is all set to receive the Kennedy Center Honors.

Sesame Street is all set to receive the Kennedy Center Honors

Sesame Street will become the first-ever TV series to receive Kennedy Center Honors. The president of the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, John F., released its list of honorees on 5th December 2019. The list includes many of the excited and beloved children’s series along with entertainment veterans Earth such as Wind &Fire, Linda Ronstadt, Sally Field, and undoubtedly Sesame Street.

It’s been more than 50 years, Kennedy Centers are giving honors, but it’s the first time where they are honoring a TV Show. Till now, they have celebrated honors with musicians, musical groups, movie stars, and even many of the TV stars.

The series Co-founders felt honored after receiving the award from Kennedy Center

Joan Ganz Cooney and Dr. Lloyd Morrissett, co-founders of the nonprofit Sesame Workshop, stated a joint statement on Twitter that, “We are so honored and grateful to receive this exciting award from the Kennedy Center.”

The beloved series of kids currently runs on HBO, which has friendly muppets like Elmo and Cookie, and along with it not-so-friendly Oscar. These characters help to teach young viewers fundamental lessons on everything from science to kindness.

The Kennedy honor has sent an invitation to “Sesame Street” on the celebration of 50th anniversary this year across the country, and this event including a festival in Los Angeles next month.