The Hype for “Komi-San Can’t Communicate” Among the Fans is Unreal!

‘Komi-San Can’t Communicate’ success journey

Tomohito Oda is the writer and illustrator of the brilliant Japanese manga called Komi-san Can’t Communicate. Since May 2016, the manga series has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday. The manga series is quite famous among the audience and is loved by many. In fact, the live-action adaptation of the manga series released on September 6, 2021.

The live-action was 8 episodes long and aired on NHK General TV. In May 2021, it was announced that an anime adaptation of the manga is on its way. In addition, OLM was announced to be the producer. Fans desperately wanted an anime adaptation of the manga and this news got them pretty excited. In fact, the anime adaptation will premiere this October.

Fans can’t wait exactly like Komi-San can’t communicate

The anime adaptation news got the anime fans very excited for what’s to come. The anticipation of this anime adaptation was pretty high. As the disability Komi suffers from is quite common. In fact, Fans were actually able to relate with Komi’s anxiety issues and her disability. Moreover, the artwork and illustrations was just as beautiful as the story and concept of the manga.

In a poll of 2020 conducted by AnimeJapan of “Most Wanted Anime Adaptation” Komi Can’t Communicate was ranked first. This shows that fans were eagerly waiting for this to happen. The upcoming anime will be humorous and fans will surely won’t miss even a second of this series.

The anime is supposed to come out on Netflix on October 21, 2021.

The queen of the class who has anxiety issues and can’t communicate

Shouko Komi is already at the status of Madonna on her first day of High School. With her long hairs and a tall, beautiful appearance Komi just captures the attention of those around her. However, despite all this she has one problem which is that she is unable communicate with others. Hitohito Tadano is just your average Joe kinda guy who stays away from trouble.

However, him sitting next to Komi has already made him the enemy of the whole class. One day Hitohito realises that Komi is not able to easilty communicate with others. In fact, in her whole life she has never been able to make even a single friend.

Finally, Hitohito decides that he will help Komi with her goal of making a hundred friends. And once she achieves this goal she will be able to overcome her disability as well.

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