The Hardy Boys: The New Trailer Delves Further into the Mystery Thriller Awaits in Season 2

A New Adventure Awaits in The Hardy Boys Season 2

The streaming platform Hulu just dropped the trailer for the second season of “The Hardy Boys” along with it’s release date. The brothers will soon go on another adventure, investigating another case. This mystery- drama follows the brothers Frank and Joe Hardy. This duo with their friends try to investigate the truth about what is happening in their town, Bridgeport.

The series is based on a book series written by Edward Stratemeyer. The series revolves around two teenage boys who go on solving mysteries along with a few adults. The brothers made their debut back in 1927 and since then have evolved immensely. They were highly famous instantly in the 30’s.

New Trailer and Release Date Dropped for Hulu's The Hardy Boys Season 2
Instagram/ Thehardyboystv

A New Adventure In Season 2 Trailer

Season one ended with the Hardy brothers investigating the murder of their mother. And also solving a conspiracy involving a secret society. They appear in several comic book series for children and teenagers.

The trailer begins with the brothers enjoying their peace which won’t last long. Just as things start to feel normal, something changes. The next season will follow the brothers  as they try to solve the kidnapping of a classmate after she mysteriously disappears in the forest. The trailer also features a supernatural being wearing creepy animal mask, with thorns on it.

New Trailer and Release Date Dropped for Hulu's The Hardy Boys Season 2
Instagram/ Thehardyboystv

Release Date Announced Along With The Trailer

Season one of the show release in 2020, December 4 with thirteen episodes. Jason Stone and Steve Cochrane are involved in the development of the show.  Nelvana and Lambur Productions are the production companies for the show. And stars Rohan Campbell  as Frank Hardy, Alexander Elliot as Joe Hardy and James Tupper as Fenton Hardy. Additional cast also includes Keana Lyn Bastidas, Linda Thorson, Bea Santos and more. The season 2 is set to release on Hulu on April 6th.