The Handmaid’s Tale Intense finale cliffhanger of June Osborne and Serena Joy Waterford Explained

The Fifth Season of The Handmaid’s tale

The fifth season of The Handmaid’s tale began by pitting June Osborne against Serena Joy Waterford. At the end of the premiere of two episodes, Serena had brought June’s Gilead captive daughter, Hannah into view during a global broadcast for the funeral of her late husband, Commander Fred Waterford, and short a smirk for June. In Cannada, June received the message loud and clear.

The Housemaid's Tale

The story fast forward

The world of the Handmaid’s Tale moved quickly and by the seventh episode, June faded the impossible choice of helping Serena deliver her newborn baby or letting her die when both were struck together in No Man’s Land in the Gilead-Canada border.

When Serena apologies to June, she rejected her apology and said that they are the people and she isn’t her and neither they are in Gilead and that’s why she will save her. Serena was the one who helped in creating Gilead’s patriarchal society as shown in the Handmaid’s tale.

Season 4

After June saved Serena it brought consequences on the former Mrs. Waterford, who became Canada’s version of a handmaid and adopted a Gilead lifestyle. In the penultimate episode, Serena was mostly absent from the finale as she ran away with her baby.

Luke’s sacrifice for his family

The finale, titled Safe, put June and Luke on the run because Luke murdered a man in self-defense for attacking June with his car. Due to rising anti-refugee sentiment in Toronto, June and Luke ran away with their baby Nichole, rather than waiting.

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As to save his family Luke, turned himself in at a station, which gave enough time for Nichole and June to slip abroad unnoticed. The heartbroken sacrifice leaved June with a broken arm and a scared baby as she boards the train.

June’s sudden meetup with Serena

While June tries to calm her baby Nichole, she heard another crying baby and to her surprise found Serena with her son. The moment of recognition swells with emotions and ends the season.

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When Serena talked to June in a friendly manner, June gave her the same smirk that Serena gave her at the beginning of the Season.

The director told, that this is a cliffhanger of The Handmaid’s tale but there is something positive about this ending.