The Flash Season 9 Grant Gusting in Negotiations to Renew his Contract

Grant Gustin Finalizing Contract for Season 9

The CW series “The Flash” will have a renewal for it’s 9th season. The lead, Grant Gustin is reportedly in negotiations to renew hi contract. The series premiered back in 2014 as on CW as part of the DC arrowverse.

The Flash is a superhero from the DC universe with extensive speed. There are a multitude of origin stories but the most popular one is that of Barry Allen’s. A lightening strikes Barry, a police scientist one night while he is working in his lab. This leads to him acquiring superhuman speed and thus becoming a superhero.

Grant Gustin Finalizing Contract for Season 9
Instagram/Grant Gustin

Last Season for Gustin

The series follows the same plot with Grant Gustin playing Barry Allen. The sho’s cast also comprises of Candice Patton, Jessie L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Jordan Fisher, Danielle Panabaker, and Kayla Compton.

Gustin is currently in discussions to reprise his role for season 9. This could confirm a 9th season for the show. If this happens The Flash would be the longest running show on CW’s arrowverse. The Arrow currently holds that record.

Grant Gustin’s contract for this season will be limited to only 15 episodes and one year. This will most probably be Gustin’s last season as Barry Allen and also, comparatively shorter.

Grant Gustin Finalizing Contract for Season 9
Instagram/ Grant Gustin

New Contract Details

Gustin per episode salary is $200,000, however, these are just approximations. The new contract could also mean an increase in the salary. Gustin, not only appeared on The Flash but was also a part of multiple other Arrowverse’s shows.

The American actor, also worked on Glee as Sebastian Smythe and on 2008 teen drama series 90210. He is also a recipient of multiple Teen Choice Awards for the CW series. Season 8 will resume from March 9 after the mid-season break and will air every week on Wednesday, 8 P.M.