The Flash: DC Studio Might Bring Christian Bale Back As Batman For An Interesting Project Ahead! Check out what Michael Keaton has to say.

We have seen some iconic actors play the role of the Dark Knight over all these years, seems like a former Batman might reappear on the screen as the caped crusader yet again.

The Dark Knight Might Make An Appearance On The CW Show, The Flash!

Apparently, there are some strong rumors doing the rounds of Michael Keaton making a comeback as Batman in the hit series The Flash. However, according to recent sources, if the while negotiation with Keaton falls out, the studio is thinking of getting Christian Bale back on board.

Bale has earlier made it quite clear that he will return as Batman only if director Christopher Nolan is involved. While we would love to see Bale on screen, the studio is not thinking of considering Been Affleck as an option as well. This might have to do with the mixed reviews that fans gave out.

The Studio Is Considering Two Names For The Cameo, Michael Keaton, And Christian Vale!

The Flash is renewed for the seventh season which is also speculated to be the final one as well. With this probability, there are going to be some big cameos in the seventh season as speculated by fans as well. So, are we going to see anyone one of the Dark Knight on screen, who is it going to be? Bale or Keaton?

The Flash is no stranger to crossovers and cameos , there were already news of a member of the Justice League making an appearance in the series. So is it going to be The Dark Knight himself? We will get to know once the seventh season airs on the network soon enough. We would love to see the Batman for sure!