The Final Season Of The 100 Ends With A Promise Of Coming Back! Want to stream? Look up for all updates here including exclusive updates and more.

The hit sci-fi drama series The 100 has been a popular show right from its inception, the series ran for a good six seasons and now the seventh season is announced to be the final one. Let us take a look at how the final season will turn out to be for fans.

Is Bellamy Blake Actually Dead In The Seventh And Final Season Of The 100?

While fans are sad to hear the news of the seventh season is the final one, the showrunner Jason Rothenberg has made some big revelations including the one that Bellamy Blake will be largely absent from the seventh season.

Apparently, Bob Morley wanted to take some time off the season and that’s why the writers had to craft the story accordingly. Jason further said that they kind off wanted the seventh season to be the last one as it was a good time to give the story a complete arc without going with it any longer. Take a look at the final season image and the cryptic line below!

There Is A Prequel Happening Soon Enough As Announced By The Showrunner!

Jason confessed that they definitely want the fans to want more and they also don’t want to overstay their welcome! However, fans won’t need to be waiting for long as Jason has announced that there will be a prequel to the show soon enough!

The news of the prequel is very much cinnected to the final season image that does promise that it surely doesn’t end here. It seems like the story will just take on a different time line and continue the story. We surely are waiting for the prequel to come soon enough.