The Fifth Season Of “The Grand Tour” Might Be Coming Sooner Than You Think!


It seems like the car-based adventure is going to continue for yet another season! Amazon Prime’s car-based reality show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, will be returning for yet another season.

Grand Tour Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Other Details You Need To Know.

The show had released the fourth season on Friday, December 13th, 2019. However, by the looks of it, it’s clear the series has undergone some pretty major changes. While the streaming service has not yet announced the release date for the new season, some of the crew have posted messages on Instagram which appear to confirm that The Grand Tour isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Considering the fact that only half a year has passed since the date of the post, it appears that there’s still another year and a half of filming left to be done. However, this means that fans can expect one or two more seasons of The Grand Tour to follow.

What Are The Changes In The Format Of The Show?

When the fourth season came along, fans were quick to see that the show was shifting away from the traditional Top Gear-style live audience set-up. The show was going towards something more focused on adventure and exploration.

The fifth season can take place in a continent closer to home maybe. As far as the casting goes, Clarkson is surely returning. Let us see how the changed format is continued with the coming season of the show. Let us wait for Amazon to make an announcement regarding the fifth season. There are too many adventures that are awaiting the fifth season. The cast might also include some new faces as well.