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The February 2020 Netflix’s sensation “Love is Blind” ended months ago but do the couples are still together?

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“Love is Blind” is a reality show based on dating. It one of the Netflix originals. The series first appeared on 13th of February, 2020. So, for now the series only have one season. There were two reasons why the show got so many viewers. First of all it based on dating and above that it is a reality TV show.  Secondly, It was released just before valentines so was successful in gaining attention of the viewers.

However, just like every other shows, “Love is Blind” was led down by the global pandemic. In fact, the show was on its success of peak.

The show was not only trending when it was release but still fans are very excited to know what six couples are doing currently.

The show was trending in Netflix’s top 10 for almost 47 days. But fans are still not over it. Yes, everyone of us wants know what are the current status of the “Love is Blind” couple. Let us start from the influencer Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton scientist. The sources says that both of them still share a strong bond. In fact recently, Lauren became so emotional and praised Hamilton for a human being he is.

In fact in an interview with Elite, Lauren said that she is so lucky to have Hamilton in her life. Moreover, she herself cannot believe that they have made it so far. Further, Lauren added that both of them learn more and more every single day.

Cameron also posted a photo from her wedding. Lauren’s simplicity was all peaking through her wedding photo caption. She simply captioned it “The happiest day of my life”.

For Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten, they are not together anymore. Cuevas is all happy with his new fiancé Aubrey Rainey.  Neither, Carlton and Diamond are together after a very serious fight. Carlton revealed that he is bisexual which ignited the fight between the couple. In fact, Kenny and Kelly are also not together anymore.

As per Damian and Giannia, fans believed that they won’t last longer. But now, they are stronger than ever.